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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What happened to that boy? 12/16/06: G-Dep

G-Dep-Special Delivery video

G-dep...Where is this guy. I remember he used to always be on parole and that is it. A lot of people didn't even hear this album but I borrowed it from this kid in high school and burned it ASAP. If anyone knows where G-dep is let us know!

"MC's is dead and Im'a get head up at the burial/and thats disrespectful"- G-Dep


Anonymous said...

"Ain't no scene my team can't slaughter, ain't no cuisine my queen can't order, we can burn it up, do it on the camcorder, let me hit it from the front till the blunt gets shorter, the harlem hang-glider, high-flow provider,
home of the project whores and all-nighters, niggas grab your lighters, bitches grab your privates, we break night and take flight, I'm the pilot
you look up in the sky, why am I so high ? ....must be the mo' and dro mixed with tah, the new tri-state weight gainer, if you don't no this should be a no-brainer, Man I get fame like Dana, dame with frames, change up hoes like I'm changing lanes, in the high-octane Range Rover, Shorty got game, but game over."

Now where the heck is G-Dep ?

Sneek said...

I remember that kid!!!

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