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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Become a Nike product tester!

I found this on of my random clicking on the internet sessions, looks pretty interesting minus the fact that you have to return the kicks to Nike when your done (the sole reason I didn't apply) all you sneaker heads have a ball with this (rules and link to apply below).

Nike brings to market the most innovative sport
performance footwear in the industry. We test our footwear on athletes who have
volunteered to run, play, train, and workout in Nike shoes. These selected
athletes help to ensure that Nike footwear will continue to exceed the
expectations of athletes around the globe.

If you are a U.S. resident
and are interested in joining our team of athletes, we encourage you to read on
to determine if you might qualify for our volunteer footwear testing program.

1. Athletes must be 15 years old or older to be eligible to become a
"Nike Product Tester" of Adult sized footwear.
2. Any child wearing shoe
size infant 1 Child to grade school 7 Youth is eligible to test Nike Kids
footwear. Parent or guardian’s presence and help will be required during kids
3. Collegiate (NCAA) athletes are not permitted to test Nike
footwear through this program.
4. You must be a United States resident to be
eligible to participate in this program.
5. You must have a valid email
address so Nike Product Testing can contact you.
6. Timelines are critical.
You must be able to meet specified feedback and shoe return deadlines.
This program is voluntary. You will have to return all test footwear to Nike.

A complete recital of Testing Program requirements will be presented in
the "Nike Legal Form" for signature and must be signed before anyone can be
admitted to the Testing Program.
Confidentiality highlights

* You
will be required to return weartest shoes to Nike promptly at the completion of
each test.
* You will not post pictures/images of the shoes on the Internet
or anywhere else.
* You will not discuss the weartest shoes or describe them
to anyone except a representative of Nike Product Testing.
* You will not
wear weartest shoes in public places (i.e. shopping malls and athletic
competitions) unless specified.
* You will not sell any weartest shoes.
* You will not make the shoes available for inspection, try-on or wear by
anyone but yourself.

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