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Friday, December 22, 2006

Young Jeezy gets Monie Love fired?

Sources from the radio station confirmed to SOHH this morning (December 22) that Monie (born Simone Wilson) is no longer employed there. Her departure from the station follows on the heels of her December 7 interview with Young Jeezy where the two argued vehemently over whether hip-hop is dead. During that conversation Jeezy also questioned Nas' street cred. The argument ended with Jeezy storming out of the studio.

If this is true this is a damn shame

Video of incident and full article below:


Conscious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Conscious said...

I feel like it's more Hype...yet another tool to make more money while divde us more.

Anonymous said...

she's cuter than i thought

Sneek said...

It may be hype conscious nowadays everything is based off hype take a look at this dreamgirls movie for instance. I havent seen so much hype for a movie in a longgg time

Anonymous said...

Hip hop is dead = marketing ploy from def jam and jay-z

The most vocal people Nyc rappers and Ole heads.
It't not Young Jezzy's place to "shine light" on other people.

All and all you can't really work at a hip-hop and r&b station with the opinion "hip hop is dead"....

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