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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Let My Tape Rock Till My Tape Pop: Grafh & Prinz "Gangster Music" Hosted by Kay Slay!

I told yall we bout to make some serious noise at Black Hand this year.... My dudes Grafh & Prinz just dropped this mixtape "Gangster Music" and it is bananas!!!!

Download it for free below and play it in your whip, your dorm, the shower, and when you go to bed....everywhere ya dig!

Grafh & Prinz-Gangster Music Hosted by DJ Kay Slay (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Grafh, Prinz, CMR-Time Is Money (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or DOWNLOAD
"I can't stand all that beefin and bickering/From grown men I swear so sickening"-Prinz

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