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Thursday, January 4, 2007

What Happened to that Boy?: Drag-on

After posting the DMX video the other day, it made me think, what the hell happened to Drag-on. Anticipation was high for this dude back in the day, not only because of his high-profile labelmates, but also because of memorable tracks like "Down Bottom" with Juvenile, "N****s Die for Me" with DMX, and "Spit These Bars". Even after receiving an embarrassing 2.5 mics in The Source, I was still rooting for dude. Last I heard from him he was leaving Ruff Ryders and starting his own label, but somehow in the midst of all that i guess he disappeared into rap oblivion. I even had trouble finding his pictures and videos! Check out this classic Drag video for old times:

Some Drag tracks:

Jadakiss feat. Eve, Styles, Drag-On, Infa-red & Cross-It's Time I See You (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or Download)
Get it right/You faggot nigg*s heard Suge Knight/Double R is the only nigg*s he respectin', yall nigg*s shook right-Drag-On

Drag-On-N*ggas Die For Me (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or Download)
I'm the opposite of H20/Now you know/Fix your wrinkled face, my iron press more than clothes-Drag-On

The Lox feat. Swizz Beats, Drag-on, Eve-If You Know (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or Download)
Joe Pesci style kickin' nigg*s after they dead-Drag-On

1 comment:

Louis said...

click click clack! that was the shit too , last time i saw him he was playing x's brother in that film with steven segal, he couldnt act for shit. but that opposite of h20 album was good

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