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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I'm tired as hell, so I though I would tell you all why. Yesterday I had to get up and go to my 10AM class after a long sunday night then go to the library to fall asleep while I was supposed to be doing homework. After that go to a meeting to dicuss a showcase that my campus organization EPP will be having Feb. 23rd (more about that later).

Then I searched and searched and searched for a "good" video camera because I am getting one later in the week but need one now. I have an interview with Tabi Bonney (this dude is about to blow) tonight at his video release party (directed by Dr. Teeth, I will post pics). I managed to get my hands on a video camera thanks to my man Nick but the battery doesn't work unless its plugged in but I can't really complain. I need a haircut before I go to this party at 7pm and I do not know if that is going to happen because i have class in a little while so if not I will be throwing on a fitted.

Tabi Bonney-The Pocket (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or DOWNLOAD)
And I don't just rap for a hobby, I do it for the groupies....sike/I do it just to...put you in the pocket!-Tabi Bonney

Holla Black.

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