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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free DJ Drama & Don Cannon!

Downtown raid ATLANTA (FOX5) -- A metro law enforcement task force raided a downtown Atlanta recording studio Tuesday night. Investigators say they confiscated tens of thousands of bootleg cd's made for sale on the internet. Click video for more information.

This is Bullsh*t! The RIAA is hating on young blacks getting money once again. The Feds need to go raid some drug cartel instead of confiscating 50,000 mixtapes that their suburban kids proabbly have bought!!!! Whats that Jay Line...."You probabbly got a couple cd's in ya home".

Drama was not bootlegging nobody's cd's but his own and now he could face a crazy prison sentence because of the Gangsta Grillz cds that we all love.

Watch the Fox video here:

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