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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Legends in the Game 12/25/06: RIP James Brown

I know y'all heard about it already, but here's the story anyway. So many of our legends have been passing recently, and now James Brown on Christmas...its crazy. Though I'm a young buck, I remember being with my father (RIP) in Queens being educated by his old James Brown records. His songs definitely bring back memories for people of all ages, weather it be an actual song by him or a classic song sampled by him, and he will be missed by generations old and new.
Other than that sad news, my Christmas has been great. Much love to all my family and friends, and I hope everyone who is reading this is having a great holiday season as well! Look out for big things from us as we close out 06 and move into 07! Much thanks to everyone checking for us. Peace.

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