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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Legends in The Game 12/19/06: Redman

Some of you may only know Redman from his antics with Method Man on MTV and movies like How High, but Redman has been in the game dropping acclaimed albums for a minute. The Dirty Jerz native was a part of the Def Squad with EPMD, Keith Murray, K-Solo, Jamal (what ever happed to that dude?), and others. In addition to the albums shown above, he was also on the Def Squad album El Nino, and has dropped several mixtapes with his Gilla House squad, as well as many high profile collaborations, such as "Let's Get Dirty" with Christina Aguilera.

The mixtapes and appearances, as well as his film and television ventures, have kept Redman from disappearing into obscuerity, as Def Jam has contunually pushed back the release date for his next album. It seems that they want Red to pull a Ghostface and drop two albums next year, as he finally has releases scheduled for Redz Gone Wild (March 2007) and Muddy Waters 2 (November 2007). Can't wait!

Being an 80's baby, I really got into Redman kinda late (the first CD I heard was Malpractice), but I was schooled to the game, and anytime I start feeling like Nas and start talking about the death of Hip-Hop, I just throw Muddy Waters in the CD changer.

Check these two classic videos, "Da Rockwilder" from Red and Meth's Blackout and "Whateva Man" from Muddy Waters":


The Humanity Critic said...

Word up, Redman is a dope MC and I can't wait to hear his new shit. Peace.

Zee said...

yea a lotta ppl these days sleep and think hes some kinda gimmic rapper but redman drops heat every time

Conscious said...

Man... Damn... Red & Meth... Man...

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