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Saturday, December 30, 2006

King of NY 2007.....Fabolous

As I read everyone's 2006 wrap-ups, best-of's, and countless 2007 predictions, I thought to myself maybe I should write one. Then I realized that there was only one thing that nobody really touched on and that was who is the next KING OF NY? It is safe to say that Jay-z held the throne for a minute, but who is next to bat? Who has the rhymes, swagger, and credibility to be the leader of hip-hop culture in the mecca? As I sat and thought of this only one name came to mind and I spelled it out.

Fabolous is on track to becoming a icon in this hip-hop industry with Three albums out, a clothing line (Rich Yung), and countless features on top records.

Below are things that make Loso a candidate for the top spot in NY and some areas where he needs to brush up on.

Why Fabolous can be the next King of NY:

1. His swagger-The game is all about this and Fabolous has mastered his "cool guy" persona. 2. 2. His following-From streets to suburbs Fabolous has a very large fan base.
3. His distinct flow-4 years ago you could have said he sounded like Mase but know that the pastor is gone Fab's sound is in it's own lane.
4. His no rap-beef-There is no one that Fabolous has got into a serious "rap beef" with which makes him a power player. As far as collaborations, everyone wants a song with Fab because he takes a song to another notch. Who will turn a his guest appearance down?.
5. His length in the game/Hits-Who remembers when he was Fabolous Sport and "If They Want It" back in 98-99? He emerged from a mixtape favorite to collaborating with artists such as Jenifer Lopez (Get Right Remix) and Lil' Mo (Superwoman Pt. II) to create hit records.

Where Fabolous can pick up the pace:

1. His team-I know Street Family is active but every KONY had a crew that could hold their own...Biggie-Junior Mafia, Jay-z-most of Roc-a-Fella...50 Cent-G-unit. Fab needs to assist Paul Cain and Freck Billionaire into becoming recognized artists.
2. His lyrical depth-Fabolous gets a lot of flack for not having "deep" enough tracks. I can't recall too many Fab songs that have evoked emotions inside me like a "Meet the Parents" or a "Many Men".
3. A number one album-Along with every great comes this. Fabolous needs a number one album to be in rankings of the previous KONY's. Don't get it twisted, he has been close with Street Dreams at #3 on the Billboard 200.
4. 3 hot singles/videos for one album-Like a lot of artists Fab has yet to accomplish this feat, it is not an easy one but I have faith in Loso.
5. He needs to start spelling his name again-You know you love rhyming F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S!!!!!!!

With that said, my predictions may be too soon, Fab might not do it in 2007. But if his next album From Nothing To Something is exceptional like I think it will be Fabolous will be more than just a slot on some fans top 5 dead or alive, he will be the King Of New York.

Here is some old/new music from Fabolous.

Fabolous feat. Kanye West-Like This (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or DOWNLOAD)
Anybody asking if a girl don't like heels/Thats like asking if the nose on Mike is real-Fabolous

Jagged Edge feat. Fabolous-I Really Wanna Know You (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or DOWNLOAD)
I'm smooth when I approach and I stay in them stones/Make you move in with the coach and leave them players alone-Fabolous

Fabolous, Stack Bundles, A team, Joe Budden-The Incredibles (CLICK HERE TO PLAY or DOWNLOAD)
You ask If I'm a baller the answer gon' be yea/You see studs the size of jolly ranchers in my ears-Fabolous

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